• Provides immediate use of equipment

  • Cheaper repayments

  • Find the equipment that works

  • Keep up with the latest technology

  • Tax reductions

  • Works better with cash flow


Farm tractor leasing offers a variety of advantages and can provide the flexibility required to keep your business running smoothly. By leasing farm machinery it can release the pressure that purchasing outright can put on cash flow and free up your budget to obtain up to date equipment and machinery.

The importance of efficient and well maintained agricultural equipment is vital for a profitable farm and leasing this equipment could be the answer you are looking for.

We know that one missed day of work can have a real negative impact on your business . So Tech5 can provide you with immediate use of equipment so your machines will be working at all times, without the threat of breakdowns and interrupted work.

This division has funded numerous projects where we have financed:

  • Putting Greens Mowers

  • Greens Collars Mowers

  • Tee Mowers

  • Approach Mowers

  • Fairway Mowers

  • Rough Mowers

  • Walk-behind Aerators

  • Tractor-Mounted Aerators

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