Tech5- Turf Care Equipment Leasing

Turf care equipment leasing is rising in popularity and its clear to see why. Due to the ever-increasing standards of golf courses all year round, the need for a range of diverse and specialised Turf care equipment is growing. With golf clubs needing multiple pieces of equipment from a putting green mower to walk-behind aerators, the capital costs soon rack up. This is why turf care equipment leasing could be the answer you are looking for.

TECH5 has funded over £68m of equipment to golf clubs, including over 1,700 individual turf care assets! As the UK’s largest golf club leasing company, we have market leading knowledge to assist with your turf care financing needs.

This division has funded numerous projects where we have financed:

  • Putting Greens Mowers

  • Greens Collars Mowers

  • Tee Mowers

  • Approach Mowers

  • Fairway Mowers

  • Rough Mowers

  • Walk-behind Aerators

  • Tractor-Mounted Aerators

Tech5 have already worked with a wide range of well-known golf clubs in the UK

Turf Care Equipment Leasing example

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  • Company
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Benefits of Turf Care Equipment Leasing

  • Cash flow

    Like all businesses in the UK, cash flow is imperative to the success of a golf club. Leasing your mowers and aerators keeps the pressure off your cash flow, whilst freeing up your cash for other expenses such as stock and wages.

  • Totally Flexible

    Leasing allows you to decide the term and payment frequency of your agreement. Early termination is also available should you wish to upgrade before the end of the minimum term.

  • Advantageous Tax Benefits

    For private organisations, payments are fully tax deductible unlike paying cash.

  • Easy Budgeting

    Low and fixed payments allows for easy budgeting throughout the lease agreement term.

  • Option to own asset at the end

    There is an option to own the asset at the end of lease. Other end of lease options include returning the equipment (whilst refreshing your equipment) or carrying on making your payments.

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